I am a sucker for Swedish design. Volvo’s design renaissance under Thomas Ingenlath (since Geely bought the company) with the S90, the XC90, the XC40 and Polestar’s elegant, proportional simplicity all resonate with me. So when it came to finding a mower/tractor that could cope with the 18th century gates and gardens (which it turns out are just the wrong width for most conventional mowers/tractor-trailer combos) I was unsurprised to discover the Swedes had just the right bit of kit.

The Stiga fits the bill. It, like a Saab, is an interesting combination of engineering, beauty and functionality and I have fallen for it. It also happens to be canary yellow, my favourite colour for a Volvo. I shall report back on if it delivers on the promise its design hints at.

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